Understanding Chiropractic Care: A Comprehensive Guide for Decatur Residents

I’m going to explain my uniquely effective treatment approach to patients with neck and back pain. This is not a conventional chiropractic conception or treatment of these problems.

It starts with my unique focus on the cause of 98% of neck and back pain. And it is silly that my conception of the cause, and my treatment approach are unique, because it starts with my simple recognition of the fundamental natural history of the human spine. The natural history of this disease is the story of what happens to human spines over a lifetime.

You see, as we age, microscopic degenerative changes accrue to the spinal disc, starting in childhood. These microscopic changes aggregate resulting in spinal disc tears, bulging and herniations. These changes later result in dehydration and collapse of the disc. As the disc collapses, more pressure is placed on the bones, i.e. vertebrae, and then the bones and ligaments enlarge and deform. Those changes then result in less space for the nerves and/or spinal cord, which we call stenosis. All of these chronological changes are well documented in all spines and all individuals who get x-rays and MRI scans. So my focus is every doctor’s implicit knowledge, but they lose focus on this fundamental premise. And, unfortunately, doctors are very inside-the-box people. They do what everyone else does. In fact, they have a standard of care that encourages uniformity, even when it ignores the foundations of pathophysiology. Sometimes they also develop mimetic fetishes about uncommon problems like piriformis syndrome, sacroiliac pain, etc.

And physical therapists don’t really study pathophysiology micro and macroscopically. And they don’t spend their days looking at spinal imaging and seeing the compression all day long. Most spinal specialists just don’t think fundamentally about what they think and do.

As an aside, I should state for the record that I have worked with many healthcare providers over the years, and most are very professional and dedicated people. And many do treatments that are valuable and which I do not do, and I respect their expertise. My disagreement with them is very specific, about the most common musculoskeletal complaints; the neck and the back.

Additionally, there is a massive business in all specialties of medicine that is driven by their conventional algorithms and whatever insurance pays them to do. And it is impossible to change conventional treatment if it means a loss of money. That is true in every business, including medicine.

When I evaluate a patient, most have already had diagnostic imaging like an x-ray or MRI scan, so I can show them the probable compressive cause(s) of their pain. Does that mean I’m necessarily right? Absolutely not. Sometimes I don’t have imaging, but can infer the causal problem from their history and examination.

After all my experience in spinally decompressing patients since 2006 and all of my acquired clinical experience, I am very confidant in this concept. And it allows me to be much more expectant and demanding of improvements in patients at a fast rate. I tell patients, if I am wrong we will know it very fast, within several treatments. If that is the case, we will do something else diagnostically or in treatment. So I get patients better faster than all other treatments I’ve seen since 1987, or I find them another solution.

Treatment is also diagnostic. When I diagnose a patient with neck or back pain that has compressive causation, I will start treatment and tell them that they must improve fast, or I could be wrong. This is seldom the case. If the patient does not improve as expected, and they haven’t yet had diagnostic imaging, then I will order it. There are exceptions to this, when I must order imaging before treatment, to be sure that treatment is safe, but this is exceptional. Most spinal pain is terrible, yet benign.

Looking for a chiropractor in Decatur, GA? Or a Decatur, GA chiropractor, or a car accident chiropractor? In addition to this article, you can learn more by going to my website at www.backstrong.net. or you can call 404-558-4015.

How quickly do patients improve? Eighty percent of the time, the first time I treat a patient, they will experience some improvement; sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. That is a higher percentage, faster, than other treatments in my 37 years experience.

The best way to find out if my unique approach to treatment might have some unique benefit to you is to quickly come and try the treatment a few times. Even patients who have had pain for years usually improve with spinal decompression treatment if it hasn’t been tried before. That includes patients who have had medications, injections and even surgeries. Since Dr. Castanet has clinical experience in surgical clinics he can evaluate the need for pain management or surgery. And he can evaluate for possible contraindications to this treatment. Call now to 404-558-4015.

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