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Atlanta’s Backbone: Unveiling Top Chiropractors for Your Well-being in GA

In 2024, I’m now in my 37th year of practice as an Atlanta chiropractor. Time flies making life more surreal with each year. If you’re older, you know what I mean.

Some things are better as we age. Professional experience is one of those things. After seeing tens of thousands of patients, diagnoses are quicker to be made. Of course, every doctor remains vigilant every moment that you had better not let down your guard, lest you miss a cancer diagnosis or some other problem you had better figure out fast.

Clinical experience in treating patients makes you faster to get people better or refer them where they need to be. As for unveiling top chiropractors in Atlanta, GA, there are so many good doctors and so many different traits that make doctors better in various ways.

Some of Atlanta’s best chiropractors are quicker and more accurate with their diagnoses, and some are faster to cut through the red tape to improve the patient. Some have more effective treatment techniques for more patients. Some are more intuitive or better explicators of the problem. Some see right to the problem faster and more effectively than other doctors. Some have learned many more diagnostic and treatment approaches than others.

Asking any doctor what makes them better or worse is probably not going to get a real answer. It is too personal a question. We have too much to lose and who likes to be humbled? Further, most of us think we are above average, and that can only be true for 50% of us.

So who is on this list of the Best Chiropractors in Atlanta, GA Let me comment here. All of us have different educational and professional/clinical experiences. My professional story is rather unusual. I will share it here for your consideration. You decide what you think of me, professionally. I am vying to be considered among the best chiropractors in Atlanta, Ga.

I decided to pursue chiropractic in 1981 after being treated by a chiropractor for a work-related low back injury. As a young, layperson I found the explanations and treatment effective and interesting. In 1983 I started school, and graduated in 1986, at Palmer-West Chiropractic College. By the time I finished school, I was underwhelmed with the clinical experience. It required too much faith on my part. And I felt incompetent to treat the public. So I found an ideal clinical niche for myself, in an orthopedic, physical medicine, and physical therapy clinic, where I learned much more, gained clinical competency, and stayed for 18 years. Then I started my own clinic in 2006, and I think my clinic is more effective, cheaper, and better than the previous clinic. I also spent 5 years in a neurosurgical practice to learn surgical indications and procedures. All of this medical experience made me a much better doctor and gave me the confidence to provide treatment for patients. This is what I needed to feel competency as a doctor.

During my education and clinical experience I also came to develop a unique conception of spinal problems and the best non-surgical approach to treatment. I have written and videotaped about my approach to treatment since 2006. Since then my treatment has been based upon the readily demonstrable process that causes most neck and back pain. And that process is the slow, progressive, degenerative, compression of the human spine. This process causes pain in the joints, discs, and nerves in the neck and back. And, not surprisingly, a treatment approach that partially reverses this process of compression, is the most effective, and fasted way to improve neck and back pain for most patients.

But there are many entrenched reasons that my newer approach to treatment will not be adopted. Most things in medicine change slowly, unless there is more money to be made from something new. When that is the case, change can happen quickly. When the only impetus to change something in medicine is greater efficacy, it may change slowly. And if the better treatment loses money for medicine, then it will never change. That is the real world in, and out of, medicine. That is human nature. It is what it is.

I hope that what I have explained may persuade you that I am among the best chiropractors in Atlanta, GA. If you would like to learn more, you can check out my website at Backstrong and you can go to my YouTube channel from my website.

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