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Welcome to our Video Information Sharing page! Meet Dr. Craig Castanet, a highly experienced best chiropractor in Decatur GA with over 35 years of expertise. Every week, he shares valuable insights, answering questions, presenting intriguing case studies, and offering tips to care for your spine. With licenses in California and Florida in the past, he now devotes his exceptional skills to the Georgia community, specifically in Decatur, GA, where he is renowned as a medically-experienced chiropractor. Dr. Castanet is devoted to providing top-notch care for your back health, ensuring the local community receives dedicated and professional service. Join us for a journey towards a healthier spine!

Video Blog by Dr. Craig Castanet

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Topic:- What really causes neck and back pain?

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Shared Case Studies Of Patients

Topic:- 21 year old male with disc herniation

Topic:- 21 year old male with low back pain

Topic:- 70 year old lady with spondylosis

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Client Testimonial Video

Mr. Valentino came to me, brought by his daughter, with severe low back pain.  He was a quick responder to the treatment.  With 35+ years of experience, including orthopedics, physical medicine, physical therapy, and neurosurgery, the spinal decompression treatment that you see him receiving, is the most effective treatment I have ever seen and used for patients.  If you have neck or back pain, you owe it to yourself to try spinal decompression treatment.  

This is not a particularly challenging problem, but we thank Mr. Valentino for his willingness to be on camera.  Most patients are too camera shy.

How To Get To Our Office?​

Our office location, and verbal directions, are provided in this video.  I’m not sure this helps, but my website developer suggested I make this video.  My office is easy to find at 2771 Lawrenceville Highway, Suite 101, Decatur, GA 30033

Dr. Craig Castanet Shares His Experience and Promise to You

Hi, I am Dr. Craig Castanet.  Welcome to my practice and clinic.  As you’ll hear in this brief video introduction, I’ve been in practice since 1987, and have 18 years experience in orthopedics, physical medicine and physical therapy.  I also spent 5 years, part-time, in a neurosurgical clinic, learning surgical indications and procedures.  I provide non-surgical treatment, but the ideal non-surgical provider is better when eh/she understands surgery too.  

My promise to you, is to inform you and treat you the best way possible for your best outcome.  Hopefully, that is without surgery, but if you need surgery I’ll explain why, and refer you to the best surgeon.

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