In this video of spinal stenosis treatment in Decatur and Atlanta, Dr. Castanet explains what is spinal stenosis and how he treats it. When spinal stenosis is very severe, it may require surgical treatment to improve it. But many times Dr. Castanet can help patients with mild and moderate degrees of spinal stenosis. This video will explain that spinal stenosis means the narrowing of the central canal of the spine, from a variety of tissues, e.g. discs, ligaments, facet joints, etc., which may pinch nerves in the canal, and which travel down the buttocks, thighs, legs, and feet.

Patients with spinal stenosis typically have difficulty standing up straight and walking. They usually stand bent over and may lean on grocery carts when they walk. Bending over at the waist allows the patient to open up the central canal and reduce the stenosis, i.e. narrowing. This takes the pressure off of the nerve roots and enables patients to reduce their pain and walk better.

When spinal stenosis is severe, the patient typically must sit down every few minutes of walking, and after resting a few minutes, can then resume walking. Dr. Castanet will use models in this video to show you what is spinal stenosis and discuss how spinal decompression may suffice to help you with your pain.  Spinal stenosis treatment in Decatur and Atlanta.

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