Shoulder pain treatment in Decatur and Atlanta is the topic of this blog post by Dr. Castanet. Here he discusses the differential diagnosis of shoulder pain, typical shoulder pain distribution and provocative maneuvers, and the more common presentations of neck pain, which can seem like a shoulder problem, with referred and radiating pain from neck lesions.

Differentiating shoulder joint pains from referred neck pain can be a tricky matter, even for professionals. And sometimes, of course, shoulder and neck pathology and pain co-exist. How do we distinguish these? How do we treat them? Did you know that sometimes treatment helps to make the diagnosis?  Because neck and shoulder pain distributions can overlap, sometimes it’s hard to tell if the pains are from the neck or shoulder or both.  Sometimes we start with one diagnosis and treat the problem to see if it improves, testing our hypothesis in the affirmative, or if it does not improve, undermining our hypothesis, or if part of the problem improves, suggesting co-existing pathologies in the neck and the shoulder joint.  But most of the time, the diagnosis is not in question and is pretty straightforward, so long as the diagnostician is thoroughly familiar with referred pain patterns and how to examine each pathology.  But some healthcare professionals are very poor at diagnosing these conditions.

Whether you have shoulder pain proper (glenohumeral, or acromioclavicular joint), or referred pain from neck pathology, Dr. Castanet can diagnose it and treat it effectively. With 35 years of experience in orthopedics, physical medicine, physical therapy, and neurosurgery, seeing over 40,000 patients, he can help you.

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