In this pair of videos, Dr. Castanet reviews several important concepts in the ergonomics of spinal care. Ergonomics means “work management”.  He addresses sitting, standing, lifting, bending, and more. He also explains the concept and value of core strengthening and the neglected topic of core “engagement” in the protection of the spine and prevention of spinal insult.

Combining his professional training, his personal experience of injury and sciatica, as well as his 40+ years as a weight trainer handling heavy weights safely, he shares insights that only he has gained. Even professionals don’t typically gain these insights solely from book knowledge. There is unique value in the personal experience of injury as well as the personal experience in handling heavy weights in the context of injury.

Dr. Castanet combines all this experience to share invaluable knowledge of spinal ergonomics. Time and again his patients have told him he has taught them valuable tips on spinal care that they have never heard before.

In accord with the term doctor, which means “to teach” in Latin (doctere), Dr. Castanet has always enjoyed fulfilling his obligation to give patients the information they need to understand their problems and pathology. And understanding the problem is essential to effective management of their daily ergonomics.

On another note, if you go to Dr. Castanet’s Youtube channel, you can find another video on the low back, multifidus muscle weakness, and how it correlates with chronic low back pain.  Ergonomic’s purpose is to teach you to avoid insults to your spine, by managing activities, postures, and anything else that may threaten your spinal pain.  Beyond that, spinal strengthening is important to raise your threshold for spinal pain, because a stronger spine has a higher tolerance for physical demands.

So if it’s an Atlanta chiropractor or Tucker chiropractor or Decatur chiropractor you need, or you are looking for Decatur physical therapy or Tucker physical therapy or Atlanta physical therapy you need for your spinal problems, Dr. Castanet provides the most effective treatment.

Ergonomics Videos

Ergonomics 1

Ergonomics 2