Neck Surgery in Decatur and Atlanta is the topic of this discussion by Dr. Castanet on video. He discusses the common indications for surgery and his alternative, non-surgical, spinal decompression treatment.

Dr. Castanet has worked for 18 years in orthopedics, physical medicine, and physical therapy. And he spent 5 years, part-time, in a neurosurgical practice learning surgical indications and procedures from the Atlanta Falcon’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Khaveh Khajavi.

“I often recommend epidural steroid injections and neck surgery to patients, but I provide the most effective, non-surgical treatment, and the majority of patients with neck and arm pain will improve with my treatment and be able to avoid those measures. Unfortunately, most physicians are unfamiliar with spinal decompression treatment, and are unaware of its surprising efficacy for neck and arm pain. So many more patients end up getting injections or surgery. After 35 years of experience in all these medical environments, I can state that the spinal decompression treatment I provide is the best non-surgical treatment available.  So if you have neck pain and/or arm pain, and you think you might need surgery, but want to avoid it if possible, Dr. Castanet has the most effective alternative to neck surgery in Decatur and Atlanta.  But he also has enough experience in surgical medical environments to encourage you to do surgery if that is indicated.  You want a physician who helps you find the best solution to your problem, unbiased by his own treatment procedures, and Dr. Castanet does exactly that.  That’s also why many patients have said he explains problems and recommendations better than other physicians.

In addition to providing the most effective neck pain treatment in Decatur and Atlanta, Dr. Castanet has treated patients from all the surrounding Atlanta metro cities including Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Tucker, Decatur, Norcross, Johns Creek, Marietta, Alpharetta, Peachtree City, Doraville, Lilburn, Stone Mountain, Grayson, Lawrenceville, Suwanee and more.

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