Herniated Disc treatment in Atlanta is the topic of this video. Dr. Castanet explains this common cause of neck and back disability, the typical nerve root pressure that results in radiation of pain into the arm or leg, and why spinal decompression is the only direct, and most effective treatment for this problem. If you want to cure the problem of the herniated disc, you must reduce it anatomically to get pressure off the nerve and improve your pain and disability.

Patients with herniated discs in the neck will typically have pain radiating to the shoulder blade, between the shoulder blades, and eventually down the arm.

Those with herniated discs in the low back will typically have pain radiating down the buttock, thigh, leg, and foot. The cause is obvious. The solution is obvious. Unfortunately, most clinics don’t improve the disc, so many patients don’t find help. But many physicians are quick to suggest epidural steroid injections. While these injections can help with the inflammatory consequence of a herniated disc, they won’t help heal your disc. So your disc will continue to degenerate with time, and your future prognosis will be worse.

If, instead, you take this opportunity to treat the disc problem by making it better and healing it, your future prognosis will be better. This is the wisest approach to the treatment of herniated discs.

So if you have a herniated disc and you need Decatur physical therapy, Tucker physical therapy, or Atlanta physical therapy, or you are in need of an Atlanta chiropractor, Decatur chiropractor, or Tucker chiropractor, Dr. Castanet is your best choice. In addition to herniated disc treatment in Decatur and Atlanta, Dr. Castanet serves all the metro Atlanta and surrounding areas within a 50-mile radius, because he is the only provider of this most effective treatment in Georgia.