Find Out Why He Says These Entities Are FAILING Patients With Low Back And Neck Pain!

“About 98% of patients with neck or low back pain have a “compressive” cause of their pain.  When we send patients for diagnostic imaging, e.g. x-rays or MRI scans, we are looking for certain, common causes of pain.  98% of the things we look for, and see, on these images indicate compression as the CAUSE of the person’s pain.  We call these compressive lesions a variety of names, including disc degeneration, bulges, herniations, stenosis, disc collapse, facet arthropathy, compressed nerve, etc.  ALL OF THESE LESIONS are compressive in nature.  They happen because, over time, the spinal discs degenerate and all the spinal anatomy gets compressed, i.e. discs, joints, vertebrae and nerves.  That gives rise to intermittent, or chronic, pain and disability.

Most non-surgical treatment methods, e.g. physical therapy and chiropractic, IGNORE the compressive cause of your pain and disability.  So these methods of treatment FAIL a large number of patients.  Instead, popular treatments may adjust your joints or have you strengthen your “core” muscles.  Neither of these treatment approaches DIRECTLY addresses the actual, and visible, putative cause of your pain on the x-ray or MRI scan.  That’s why so many patients end up getting injections and surgery.

Similarly, if you get injections, the injections treat the inflammatory consequence of your spinal compression, but they don’t affect your spinal compression, ANATOMICALLY, so they often don’t help, or they only help temporarily.  And you miss the opportunity to actually improve your compressive problem, anatomically.  If injections don’t help, or they stop helping, you may then be offered surgery.

Why does surgery help when it helps?  Because 98% of surgery is done to treat compression.  It is usually the only treatment, that you will be offered, that will treat the ACTUAL CAUSE of your pain and disability.  Whether you have a discectomy, fusion, or stenosis surgery, the surgical objective is to FINALLY treat your compression- the cause of most difficult neck and back pain.

So why is it that PRE-SURGICAL treatment IGNORES your compression?  But surgical treatment addresses it?

I don’t know the answer to this conundrum.  This is the IRRATIONAL PARADOX I see, as a doctor, in the treatment of neck and back pain in medicine, chiropractic and physical therapy.

After 28 years of clinical practice, 18 years in orthopedics, physical medicine and physical therapy, and 4 years in neurosurgery, I can state, that my last 9 years treating spinal compression, without surgery, using my treatment, called NON-SURGICAL SPINAL DECOMPRESSION, has resulted in vastly better treatment outcomes for patients.  I have treated patients who have had pain and disability for months and years, and seen them finally get relief because I treat THE CAUSE of their pain, NON-SURGICALLY.

If you have neck or back pain, sciatica, hip, buttock, arm or shoulder pain, and you have had treatment, or you are presently having treatment, and you are not improving reasonably quickly, you owe it to yourself to come to me for an evaluation.

If you want to learn more about me, and my approach to more rational, effective, non-surgical treatment of spinal pain, please visit my website at www.backstrong.net  And read some of the patient testimonials on my website.  I have many videos on my website explaining the nature of various spinal problems and my approach to their treatment.  I know you’ll find these videos informative and many patients have told me my didactic, logical explanation to their pathologies and appropriate treatment convinced them I was worth trying.  You can also go to my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/DrCastanet

Among my instructional videos, I try to answer ALL THE TOUGH QUESTIONS people may asked me over the years, about the efficacy of this treatment.  I can answer all of them with honesty and credibility.  I am probably one of the most experienced and critical, non-surgical clinicians when it comes to the challenges of treating common, difficult, spinal pain.  I can’t answer them in this ad, but I do in my videos.

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