Arthritis is the appearance of degenerative, deforming anatomical changes in spine that occur as a result of degeneration of the discs between the vertebrae. Degenerative bony changes, which is what we see on x-ray and MRI scans, only happen as a consequence of previous degenerative disc changes. This is why most health care clinics providing arthritis treatment in Decatur GA emphasize on improving the status of the disc in treating neck and back problems, whenever possible. Not only does this provide the most effective treatment for pain, but it also improves the future prognosis of a person’s spine. It is essential if one is undergoing professional osteoarthritis treatment in Decatur GA and trying to maintain a spinal function for as long as possible, to improve the status of the disc, so that it will last as long as it is possible for a person’s lifetime.

The process of bony “arthritis”, which is not my favorite term, as I prefer the term “degenerative changes”, is the progressive deformity of the vertebral bones, which happens as above-mentioned. The reason I don’t like the term arthritis is that I think it often evokes inappropriate fear and anxiety in patients. Degeneration, I think, connotes a more realistic conception and is less inclined to provoke fear. People understand that degenerative changes really are a normal process, if they are not excessive, (although it’s also true that some people have beautiful looking spines even when they get old). We don’t have to undo degenerative changes. Most health care centers providing arthritis treatment in Decatur GA agree with the fact that the need is to simply treat the problem sufficiently to improve or resolve pain and function, in the context of immutable degenerative changes.

When we see arthritis, we are speaking of the vertebral body and the joints of the vertebrae. The vertebrae can become deformed and enlarged. That is, they enlarge and deform as a result of more pressure on them, which is due to stress from the collapsing disc. As a result of more pressure, the vertebrae also become swollen and inflamed. This change is called a Modic change. This bony enlargement, also accompanied by ligamentous enlargement, then encroaches on the central canal space, where the nerves descend, and on the little holes on the side, i.e. foramina, where the nerves exit from, on the right and left sides of the spine. Arthritic or degenerative changes of the spine cannot be changed. However, we can make meaningful improvements to the disc structure, which will slow the degenerative process. By improving disc degeneration and slightly increasing the height of the disc, health care centers providing arthritis treatment in Decatur GA try to reduce the stress and pressure on the bones to stem the progressive, degenerative, arthritic, deforming process of the bones.

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Arthritis Treatment