Dr. Castanet offers therapeutic treatment for a variety of conditions:

Wondering what Conditions We Treat With Chiropractic and Physical Therapy?  Learn more by clicking on one of the links above, or by browsing our videos. You can also find more information by clicking above on Dr. Castanet’s Youtube channel.  There you will find numerous video vignettes on the topics above with Dr. Castanet explaining the fundamental facts about all manner of spinal pathology and why neck pain and low back pain are so common.  Understanding the natural history of human spines is critical to appreciating why necks and backs hurt so commonly, and what is the most effective treatment for spinal pain and disability, and why it is so.  Once you understand that our spinal pains are the result of aging and degenerating discs which become progressively compressed as we age, and that causes a subsequent cascade of degeneration of the rest of your spine, including your vertebrae and joints, then you will know that reversing this compression, to the extent it is possible, makes the most sense as a means of treating it.  And that is why spinal decompression treatment is the most effective, non-surgical treatment you can do for your painful and disabled spine.  So if you have been frustrated with recurring pains, or don’t improve as much as you would like, or you require frequent treatments that don’t seem to last and resolve your problem, Dr. Castanet has a solution for you.  Even after you have had injections or surgery, Dr. Castanet can usually help with your neck or back pain.  Or call Backstrong today to schedule an appointment and to start getting relief.