Below are some of the services we provide. However, our specialty is the treatment of difficult neck and back pain, from herniated discs, pinched nerves, and sciatica.

Of course, depending upon what you have been told about your particular problem, you may think your problem is something else, e.g. stenosis, spondylosis, etc. But these terms can be misleading. If you read the radiology report of your MRI scan, for example, you may read 50 different, common terms that are descriptive of specific findings, and you may think that is the cause of your pain. But you need a comprehensive understanding of your problem for several reasons. And many of these specific terms, noted by your radiologist, don’t have particular relevance to you, or your improvement. In fact, the older you get, the more things will change and the longer your MRI report will be. But many, or most, of these things don’t need to change, for you to feel fine again. As my colleague neurosurgeon would say, citing irrelevant, normal, age-related findings is like telling someone they have wrinkles and grey hair. That’s not relevant; it’s misleading. Doctors should explain the findings, but explain what is clinically relevant to their pain, treatment and prognosis. And let them know what is simply incidental, but not relevant to their present problem, pain and disability.

As a clinician since 1987, working in orthopedics, physical therapy, physical medicine, and neurosurgery, Dr. Castanet has seen what he thinks medicine does right and wrong. As for non-surgical treatment, he saw too many patients who didn’t get better from non-surgical treatments. Since 2006, he has provided most patients with spinal decompression treatment, which he has found to be much more effective for more patients. And the reason is easy to understand, if you understand what causes neck and back pain the vast majority of the time. And that cause is the slow, progressive, compressive degeneration of the spine. This gives rise to pain from the three common pain generators of the spine; the disc, the joint and the nerve. And spinal decompression reverses that process.

Services include:

Spinal Decompression

Functional Medicine

Auto Accidents