Looking for Neck Pain Relief Without Surgery?

When we say neck pain, it can really include pain in the neck, shoulder, shoulder blade, down the spine between the shoulder blades and down the arm, if a nerve is pinched.  Problems in the neck are very common and such problems “refer” pain into all these variety of areas. To avoid neck surgery, continue reading.

Life is a compressing event.  Time, gravity and genetics slowly cause a progressive degeneration and compression of the spine.  This compression starts with degenerative changes in the spinal disc, and as the discs collapse, more pressure is placed on the joints, and sometimes the nerves.  The joints respond by enlarging.  That causes narrowing or stenosis of the spinal canal.  As this process proceeds, people have intermittent pain, that may come an go.  If this slow, progressive, degenerative process gets bad enough, you may have an episode of pain that requires treatment.  Sometimes this process results in chronic pain that doesn’t improve from conventional treatment.

98+% of neck pain results from this slow, compressive process.  Less than 2% of neck pain arises from pathology like tumors, infections, fractures, dislocations, etc.

In my clinical experience, which includes 29 years, with 18 years in orthopedics, physical medicine and physical therapy, and 4 years, part-time, in a neurosurgical practice, the most effective treatment I have used to treat people with neck pain, is spinal decompression treatment.  The reason is that it most directly treats these compressive changes.

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