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In this video, Dr. Craig Castanet explains his approach to the treatment of difficult neck and back pain, using spinal decompression, a uniquely effective treatment for spinal pain arising from herniated disc lesions and pinched nerves. With 28 years experience in orthopedic, physical medicine, physical therapy and neurosurgical clinics, Dr. Castanet explains the rationale for his unique approach to neck and back problems. “Most of the time, I can help you avoid the need for injections or surgical treatment. Other clinics don’t have the most effective alternative treatment to injections and surgery. That means you’ll end up getting injections and surgery you may not need”. When injections and surgery are necessary, I work closely with the best pain management physicians, orthopedists and neurosurgeons. Whatever your spinal problem, I will be able to provide you a solution to your problem.

Why Backstrong – Atlanta’s Non-Surgical Disc & Spine Specialist?

Dr. Castanet specializes in difficult neck and back pain arising from herniated discs and pinched nerves. While this is a very common problem in medicine, this patient population is poorly served by other clinics. The reasons are several. First, clinicians conceptual model of spinal pain is off the mark. Dr. Castanet explains the simple pathogenesis of spinal pain in this video. There are also financial incentives to the status quo treatment, and financial disincentives to changing the present treatment algorithm for patients. It’s not a conspiracy- it’s just that things won’t change with these financial impediments to change. I have the most specialized equipment for the non-surgical treatment of neck and back pain arising from herniated disc and pinched nerve lesions. These are among the common causes of painful, compressive lesions in the spine. And spinal compression is what gives rise to about 98% of neck and back pain. This equipment is expensive and, consequently, found in very few clinics. In fact, we are the only clinic in Georgia with SpineMED spinal decompression- an essential, non-surgical treatment method that treats the cause of most neck and back pain. See our illustrative videos on this website.

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Dr. Castanet Can Help You With:

Autoimmune Diseases

Including Lupus, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis and More.

Weight Loss & Diabetes

Physiologic Weight Loss Improves All Health Markers & Disease.

Back Pain

Our Treatment is More Effective, Faster Because We Treat the Cause.

Neck Pain

The Most Effective Treatment for Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain From Herniated Discs & Pinched Nerves.


We Treat This More Effectively Every Day- It’s Our Most Common Treatment.


The Most Effective Treatment for Mild to Moderate Spinal Stenosis.


Why Necks, Backs, Spines Hurt!

Almost all back and neck pain is caused by COMPRESSION of discs, nerves and joints. Compression is due to time (life), gravity and genetics. Most clinics do not treat compression of the spine, non-surgically, so your chance of improving or resolving your pain is much less. As a consequence, you are much more likely to need injections or surgery for your pain. X-rays and MRI scans reveal COMPRESSION. The doctor, or radiologist, explaining your imaging results, may use terms such as herniated, bulging or degenerated disc(s), arthritis, spondylosis, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, ligamentum flavum hypertrophy, facet arthropathy, etc. These changes all result in compression of discs, joints and nerves, which causes pain and disability. Other clinics don’t usually treat compression. As a result, when your spinal compression progresses to a certain point, you will not improve from their approach to treatment. In fact, exercises- the usual means of treating this problem- can be painful and useless. The reason other clinics don’t focus on spinal compression is several fold:

  • They may not appreciate the essential significance of this process, in the etiology (cause) of spinal pain and disability.
  • They may not know that anything can be done to change it. This is a simple failure of knowledge and insight.
  • They may not know of the unique efficacy of spinal decompression treatment for patients.
    Most clinicians have no clinical experience with this treatment and cannot know its relative merit.
    They may not want to provide an effective alternative to injections or surgery, especially if they provide those treatments.
  • They may not want to invest $100,000.00+ on these treatment tables.
  • The medical research literature indicates that spinal compression can be partially reversed, and this approach to treatment is much more effective for patients than conventional therapy. This has been confirmed by my 28 years clinical experience. For the first 20 years of my clinical career I did not have access to this treatment for patients. As a result, many more patients with neck and back pain were referred for injections and surgery.

For the last 9 years, I have had the benefit of using this new, rare treatment for patients, and the results are vastly better. Now, I would not treat patients without this treatment. Our SpineMED spinal decompression treatment does exactly what a painful and disabled spine needs. We explain, and demonstrate, how this treatment works in several of our videos.

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