The cause of neck and back pain

In this video Dr. Castanet explains the causes of neck and back pain in the vast majority of people. Once you know the cause, you’ll understand why spinal decompression directly redresses the cause of the pain, and is the most effective treatment.

Compressive forces, from a lifetime of physical demands, slowly degenerates your spinal discs and joints. It’s actually tensile forces that do the damage, but they result in anatomical compression of your spine, and this lowers the threshold of pain in your discs and joints. Nerves can then, also become a source of pain as they may be compressed by compressed tissues to included bulging and herniated discs.

It should not be surprising, then, that the most effective treatment for his problem is a decompressing approach to spinal treatment. And this is provided, effectivley, with tables called spinal decompression tables. Earlier historical versions of this were called traction tables, and they provided some efficacy, but they were, and usually are, cheaper, cruder, less comfortable and less effective than the newer iterations we call spinal decompression.

The cause of neck and back pain

Dr. Castanet has been in practice since 1987, working in orthopedics, physical medicine, physical therapy, and neurosurgical clinics. In his experience, for non-surgical treatment of neck and back pain, spinal decompression treatment works better, hence faster, than conventional treatments in physical therapy and chiropractic. As a result, Dr. Castanet has provided this treatment since 2006 for patients and his success rate is superior for neck and back pain. This statement is based on his clinical experience in all these clinics.

And because of Dr. Castanet’s clinic experience in surgical environs also, he knows when surgery is appropriate too. And he has a great working relationship with pain physicians, orthopedists, and neurosurgeons when those treatments are indicated.

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