Chiropractic Treatment in Decatur and Atlanta

Chiropractic Treatment in Decatur and Atlanta

In this video Dr. Castanet, of Decatur and Atlanta, explains the nature of neck and back pain, and when and why he may use Chiropractic treatment to help you. But unlike most chiropractors, Dr. Castanet is not wedded to Chiropractic as his sole, or even primary, approach to treatment for neck pain and back pain. In fact, his 18 years of experience in orthopedics, physical medicine, and physical therapy, as well as his 5 years in neurosurgery have given him insights into the benefits and limitations of each field.

And for difficult neck and low back pain, he has learned that the most effective approach to treatment is to address the underlying cause of the spinal degenerative process, by improving spinal disc health and status, improving the pain and disability, and improving the patient’s prognosis.

Most of the time, for difficult neck and back pain, spinal decompression treatment is more effective than other treatments. The reason is that the cause of most neck and back pain is the normal, slowly progressive, degenerative changes that eventually result in compression of the spine.  These changes happen due to the demands we impose on our spines, combined with variables like genetics, injury, and nutritional status.  These degenerative changes start with microscopic injuries to our spinal discs, and as the status of our discs changes, and they degenerate, they cause the subsequent degeneration of our boney joints and ligaments.  The most valuable thing that spinal treatment can do is to improve the status of the spinal discs. Spinal disc REGENERATION is possible, to some limited extent, and if you do this you will realize the most significant improvement possible from a non-surgical approach to care. Still, there are many occasions when chiropractic manipulation or mobilization, as an adjunct, will help as a component of optimal care.


This varies considerably. Some, like myself, limit themselves to spinal problems, although I have an interest, and training, in “functional medicine”. I also, occasionally, provide other treatments when I think I can offer a better value for patients. For example, I offer “Gaineswave” treatments to men for ED, because I think the present charges to men are exorbitant.

Because of my clinical experience in orthopedics, physical therapy, physical medicine and neurosurgery, I specialize in difficult neck and back pain, using spinal decompression treatment. I use other treatments as well, but mostly I specialize in superior treatment for neck and back pain.

This depends upon what is being treated.  But for any particular problem the patient should start to improve within 2 weeks or 6 treatments.  If you’re in doubt, get a second opinion from an independent provider or specialist.

Chiropractic treatments vary widely.  Some encourage treatment programs for 12 months or longer, and may tell you that, “changing your spine takes time”.  I disagree with this approach to treatment.  Whoever treats you, I think you should critically evaluate your improvement.  Improving is not a mystery.  You will know if you are improving or not.  Your pain should reduce and your function should increase.

One complaint some people have is that you have to go to a chiropractor forever. Some chiropractors do encourage long treatment programs, but most these days probably don’t. I certainly do not. People come when they decide they need me.