Right Arm Pain and Right Sciatica

In this post, Dr. Castanet will show you the MRI scans of a young lady who was injured in an automobile collision about three months ago. She is complaining of right neck pain that radiates down the right arm, into her right hand. She also has low back pain that radiates down her right leg, i.e. sciatica.

She is seeing Dr. Castanet for the first time, and has already had treatment by another chiropractor, doing conventional chiropractic treatment. She has also been seen and treated by a pain management physician, who provided her with epidural steroid injections to both her neck and back, without much help.

This lady was referred to my by a friend of hers, who I have treated previously. She is hoping to get relief with my spinal decompression approach to treatment.

You will see in these MRI images that neither her neck, nor low back problems look very bad on the MRI scans. This is good news. Sure she has pain, but the anatomical problems are not very bad, so she should improve well, without the need for surgery.

Right Arm Pain and Right Sciatica

On these images, you’ll see a small herniated disc in her low back at L4-5, centrally, and in her neck we’ll see some small disc bulges at C3-4 and C6-7. There is some disc material on the right side of one of her lateral foramina. That accounts for her right arm pain, and should also improve fine, without need for a surgical referral.

Unfortunately, most patients treated for radicular pain are not offered spinal decompression treatment, and in my 35+ years of treating more than 40,000 patients, it has been the most effective treatment I’ve used for such patients.

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