Older man with spinal stenosis

In this video, Dr. Castanet will explain the MRI findings of this older gentleman and his clinical symptoms. This man called me on the phone and “tested” me for about 25 minutes, asking me all kinds of questions. Some people are very negative and dubious, but I like to be challenged, so I spent time with him, and I could tell that I was impressing him with my generosity, knowledge, insight, explanations, and honesty. He did not want to see me for treatment, and I certainly didn’t “sell” him. But I was able to log in to the MRI facility’s portal and see his MRI images and explain his problem to him. By the time I finished explaining things to him, he decided to come for treatment.

Can I help him? I don’t know. But I told him that spinal decompression treatment is so effective, that I can usually determine if I can help him very quickly. If I can’t, I can refer him to try pain managment, which I don’t think will help for very long, if it helps, but all providers are obliged to recommend it, because it is less invasive than surgery, and may help. It turns out that I only need to refer patients to pain management about 5% of the time.

Older man with spinal stenosis

Per usual, what I do with patients, is to explain their pathology, explain how it accounts for their symptoms and limitations, explain what cannot be known about their pathology, if that is relevant, explain their prognosis, and layout their future in terms of the algorithm of treatments, and when they may be appropriate.

Like some patients, he also wanted to know about a variety of alternative treatments, like yoga, acupunture, physical therapy, chiropractic and surgery. And, per usual, I provide my opinions of their likelihood of help, but never try to dissuade someone from choosing something else, for two reasons. One, my opinion can be incorrect in a specific circumstance. And, two, we both know I have potential financial gain in arguing for my approach to treatment, vis a’ vis other treatments. I will note that I recommend other treatments, frequently. And that’s just another reason people have come to know they can trust me with their health and others’, who they may refer.

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