Evaluating Neck Surgery Options?

Determining whether you need neck surgery is usually an empirical question.  Sometimes surgery is absolutely mandatory.  But most surgery is elective, and depends upon whether your efforts at non-surgical treatment proves to be effective.  So you have to try whatever non-surgical treatments are available.

Is There Neck Pain Relief Without Surgery?

Unfortunately, the most direct and effective treatment for the common neck problems of degenerated and herniated discs and arthritis- the common cause of neck pain- is not commonly used.  These common, painful pathologies, above, which give rise to about 98% of neck pain, are compressive lesions, by their nature.  The most direct, and therefore, effective neck pain treatment for these compressive lesions, is to decompress the neck, using spinal decompression treatment.

Since I’ve worked in orthopedic, physical medicine, physical therapy and neurosurgical practices, I know the relative merits of various treatments, and for non-surgical treatment, spinal decompression is the most effective treatment.

When is Neck Surgery Necessary?

But if you do need surgical treatment, the common reason for surgery is disc-osteophyte lesions.  These are degenerative changes involving the disc and joints.  The common surgery for this is removal of herniated dics material and a fusion of two or more vertebra.  You can watch such surgery on youtube.  There are other, less common types of neck surgery, but probably 90% of surgery is this anterior interbody fusions.

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