Do You Need Low Back Surgery?

There are many different kinds of low back surgery.  Some are comparatively simple- some more complex.  Some have less risk, some have more risk.  The common three procedures in the low back are microdiscectomy, stenosis decompression and fusion.  The first two of these is are more simple procedures, with less risk and a greater probability of success in the right patient, at the right time.

The latter of these, fusions, often gives back surgery a bad name.  But in the right patient at the right time, even this more complex procedure can be successful.

An Atlanta Spine Specialist

My job, as it is for every doctor, is to serve your interests best.  Usually that means providing you the best, most effective, non-surgical treatment, in order to avoid surgery.  But sometimes, injections and surgery are the best choice.  Few doctors have my experience in both surgical and non-surgical clinical environments.  As a result, I am very competent to assess the need for surgery.  And, because I’m connected to numerous pain physicians and a variety of surgeons, if you need surgery, I’ll get you to the best.

Where to Get Lumbar Fusion Surgery

For example, when it comes to lumbar fusion, the best way to do this, and it is not common, is to perform minimally invasive lumbar fusions from the front or side- NOT the back, as is traditional.  I send all lumbar fusion surgeries to a neurosurgeon who performs these in a minimally invasive manner.  This results in a higher success rate, less recovery time, and fewer post-op complications.

Microdiscectomies for herniated discs, and decompressive laminectomies for spinal stenosis, are more simple procedures.  But you can never take surgery lightly, as there is always some associated risk or mild, and sometimes, serious complications and outcomes.

As an experienced doctor, with experience in both surgical and non-surgical practices, I can help you find a solution to your low back problem.

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