Low Back Pain?

This common problem is our “bread and butter”.  We treat this all day long, and have for many years.  Low back pain is often accompanied by leg pain, i.e. sciatica. To avoid low back surgery, keep reading.

Life is a compressing event.  Time, gravity and genetics cause the progressive, degenerative, compression of our spines.  This is true for almost all of us.  The reason we get shorter as we age, is that our spine, specifically our discs, get compressed, and collapse- like a deflating tire.  This is why being upright, e.g. sitting or standing or walking, is generally more provocative of pain than recumbency, i.e. lying down- because it compresses us even more.

When our back hurts, the nature of the problem/cause is compressive 98+% of the time.  So if we lay down, it reduces our spinal compression and alleviates our pain.  Conversely, standing, sitting and walking increase the compression on our spines, so these activities provoke more pain.

As you will see throughout this website, our spinal decompression treatment is the most effective treatment possible, for spinal pain, because it, most directly, reverses this common cause of 98+% of spinal pain.

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