Hip pain treatment in Decatur and Atlanta is the topic of Dr. Castanet’s blog post today. Hip pain is a complaint that requires thorough examination, beginning with the exact area of pain. The hip is a large region and “hip” means different areas to different people. It can mean the low back, the flank or loin, the buttock, the lumbosacral region, the trochanteric region, the groin region, the sacroiliac region, and the piriformis region, and more.

Furthermore, once the area of pain is established, there is a differential diagnosis required to determine the actual pathology responsible for the pain. This is not usually straightforward since the referred pain patterns of various pathologies can overlap and be misleading. Figuring this out requires an astute, experienced clinician, mindful of Ockham’s razor. Dr. Castanet is exceptionally good at this skill because his uniquely effective treatment has elucidated many referred pain patterns that are taught, didactically from books, but are best appreciated with clinical experiences.  But this means that clinicians need effective, and specific, treatment tools to test various diagnostic hypotheses.  Spinal decompression has proven to be so highly effective and specific to spinal pathology, that it commonly differentiates spinal from non-spinal origins of pain.  This provides first-hand understanding, and confirmation, of referred pain patterns.

Effective treatment is a critical tool for diagnosis in musculoskeletal medicine. This is a particular truism in musculoskeletal medicine, where referred pain is so tricky to diagnose.

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