Epidural Steroid Injections

In Decatur and Atlanta is the topic of this instructional video by Dr. Castanet. He explains the rationale for ESI’s, the indications for them, the likelihood of success, and why spinal decompression treatment is usually a better and wiser approach to treatment.

Epidural steroid injections in Decatur and Atlanta are over-used because they make a lot of money, they are reasonably effective, they can work quickly, and because medical providers are not paid enough to provide spinal decompression as an alternative that improves the disc and spine, instead of simply treating the acute inflammatory component of the painful problem.

Make no mistake. Dr. Castanet refers patients for epidural steroid injections in Decatur and Atlanta, but his spinal decompression treatment is so effective that only about 5% of patients will need injections.

And most patients that have not improved with epidural steroid injections will improve with spinal decompression treatment. The prevailing over-use of epidural steroid injections is a consequence of the financial incentives to do so.

If you want an effective, wiser, and more prudent treatment approach for the pain associated with herniated discs and pinched nerves, Dr. Castanet, and spinal decompression are the answer.

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