In this instructive video on the topic of degenerative disc disease treatment in Decatur and Atlanta, Dr. Castanet explains this common pathology. Degenerating discs eventually lose water content, then they collapse, and that puts more pressure on the vertebrae, which causes degeneration of the bones and joints, and ligaments, which then encroaches on the space for the nerves.  Of course, this is a common worldwide, human phenomenon- a part of the human condition. He explains what is disc degeneration, his unique treatment using spinal decompression technology, and the very real potential for partial regeneration of the spinal disc, to resolve pain and improve functional capacity again.

Mind you, partial regeneration of the spinal degenerated disc has been documented in animal models and humans as well, using histologic studies, CT scans, and MRI scans. The microscopic and gross anatomical improvements in spinal discs using spinal decompression have been well documented in numerous studies and it has been quantified, with measurements of the regenerative molecular markers within spinal discs.

These regenerative changes are accompanied by meaningful, clinical improvements in patients’ pain and disability. And these clinical improvements usually start with the patient’s first treatment. In fact, 80% of patients will get some improvement after their first treatment.  The improvement may be modest or significant, but it is vital to affirm that the diagnosis is accurate, and the treatment appropriate.  Dr. Castanet’s spinal decompression treatment method has the greatest efficacy of extant, non-surgical treatments and is more effective for the majority of patients with difficult neck and back pain from degenerative disc disease in Decatur and Atlanta.

Whether you’re looking for Decatur physical therapy or Atlanta physical therapy or Tucker physical therapy, or you need an Atlanta chiropractor, Decatur chiropractor, or Tucker chiropractor, Dr. Castanet is your best choice. He also treats all the surrounding metro Atlanta cities.