What is the Best Treatment for Sciatica?

To answer that question, first we’ll need to look at what sciatica is and how it works to cause pain in the body.

What Causes Sciatica?

As I stated, under the topic of pinched nerves, sciatica is pain in the distribution of the sciatic nerve. This is a very common problem, particularly as we age beyond 30 years. The sciatic nerve is a nerve that starts in the buttock area where five nerve roots from the lower spine and sacrum, coalesce. Then the sciatic nerve descends down the buttock, thigh, leg and foot, branching off to supply various muscles and tissues. Pain in this distribution is referred to as sciatica. The sciatic nerve pain can be very tricky to diagnose on some occasions, which hinders effective sciatica buttock pain treatment.

For example, there are occasions when I have seen patients who have pain on the outside of the knee without pain in the thigh and this is caused by lower back problems pinching one of the sciatic nerve roots. I have ample experience in providing sciatica pain treatment in Decatur, GA. I have treated many patients, in fact, who thought they had knee problems and who were treated with physical therapy for a knee problem that had its origin in the low back. Sometimes the only way to diagnose this problem is retrospectively, by treating low back and seeing the problem improved.

Getting Effective Sciatica Pain Treatment in Decatur GA

In fact, there are many presentations of low back pain and leg pain that fool many a practitioner. Fortunately, I have been providing sciatica treatment in Decatur, GA from the last 31 years and have seen over 40,000 patients. I have seen so many presentations of pain, many atypical, that I think I have an extraordinary facility in diagnosing these problems. Furthermore, because I provide more effective sciatica buttock pain treatment, I have improved many complaints and learned, retrospectively, how they are related to a back problem. This is not the sort of clinical experience other practitioners will learn if they don’t offer effective sciatic pain treatment. Conventional treatments for low back problems, which are not effective, will not reveal the causal association between back problems and it’s very diverse manifestations of pain.

In medicine, our common objective is supposed to be to provide the most effective treatment for everyone. Of course, that most effective treatment, should also be the most conservative treatment, whenever possible. Spinal decompression treatment has enabled me to provide the most effective, nonsurgical sciatica pain treatment in Decatur GA. Once again, as a result, I send many fewer people for injections and surgery than other providers. Call Backstrong today to start getting relief.