Cervical degeneration of C5-6.

In this video, Dr. Castanet will show you a cervical, i.e. neck x-ray with severe degeneration of C5-6. This lady had shoulder blade, i.e. scapular pain, for years that would come and go. She would go to a chiropractor for years, intermittently, without significant relief. Her husband would ask her why she continued to go. In fact, she stated that treatment often made the pain worse. She could have seen an orthopedist, but she assumed that would just mean medications or injections or surgery, none of which she wanted. She also told me she had not had any previous x-rays of her neck.

I was actually treating her for low back pain, sciatica, and antalgia. Once she improved from that, she shared her history of chronic, intermittent scapular pain. She almost didn’t think to mention it to me, not knowing what was the cause. I told her that pain in the scapular region is almost always caused by a neck problem which refers pain to the scapula.

I sent her for x-rays of her neck and this video explains the findings. If you’re not familiar with the concept of referred pain, and, specifically about how common it is for neck pain to refer pain to the scapula, check out my previous blog post on the referred pain phenomenon.

It should be noted that nothing can be done about this lady’s neck degeneration, but her pain can probably be treated effectively. Given the severity of her neck degeneration, she will probably need a few treatments every once in a while, but that is a reasonable way to manage her problem. Also, it should be noted that a degenerative neck deformity such as hers cannot usually be resolved with surgical treatment, even if she wanted surgery. Neck surgery is most effective, when necessary, for arm pain arising from a herniated disc.

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