Asian squat as assessment tool

I happened on the Asian squat idea on other Youtube videos. It is immediately apparent to me what an impressive athletic feat is the capacity to do an Asian squat. To attain the full squat, maintain balance, sustain it for some time, and then arise without a struggle, is a very impressive feat to witness. And it is a very uncommon capacity for most people. Try it and you’ll see. In fact, here are some links to some better demonstrators of this act.

The Asian squat, or primal squat is an excellent assessment tool of your hips, knees, ankles, and low back. If you can’t do it, I think it’s a very worthwhile goal. I think I would consider it the king of lower body capacity. In fact, I also think it is the best intermittent break you can take from prolonged sitting. Our constant sitting is resulting in soft-tissue contractures of all of the muscles of the lower extremities. Dropping into a full squat is equivalent to hanging with your hands from a chin-up bar, for your upper extremities. And it’s sad how disabled we slowly become because of neglect. Even when we think we are able-bodied, based upon our ability to do our normal, and very modest activities, we are wrong if we can’t continue to do a full squat with our lower body, and a full hang with our shoulders, from our hands on a chin-up bar.

So if you can’t do these things- in fact, you should be able to do chin-ups, not simply hanging from a bar- you are more disabled than you appreciate. So take heed, watch some of those other Youtube videos on the Asian squat, and start a deliberate rehab program to get back to better functioning.

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